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Comptoir de l'Ours

2 screens = 2 sound showers for POS advertising

Comptoir de l'Ours

In public spaces, TV screens tend to be muted to avoid sound from propagating in the entire space, making it unpleasant to visit and inappropriate to work in. Future looks like a silent movie or a mute TV screen. Digital signage is rapidly expanding and with time, solutions come more user-friendly. The only thing left for an integral experience is sound dimension. That’s what Comptoir de l’Ours did by putting sound back on while keeping a quiet and nice place, thanks to our directional sound technology.

How to unmute TV screens without sound to ruin the place’s atmosphere ?

The Akoustic Arts directional speaker allowed the two TV screens to broadcast sound, so users were able to live a complete digital experience with better accessibility to contents.

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