Orleans University Hospital

optimisation of the emergency room reception desk work

Orleans University Hospital

The confidential intercom system is a solution ensuring clear and confidential communication in situations where obstacles like face masks, plexiglass-type physical barriers and in some cases a noisy environment impede oral communication. It is easily adaptable to any type of reception desk where staff interact with patients or clients. On the other side of the reception desk, the patients expect clear information and instructions. In addition to that, the information transferred is sensitive so discretion is essential.

How to improve communication when it is impeded by physical barriers while keeping a calm and secure environment?

We have developed a confidential intercom system to provide better protection to potentially exposed healthcare workers when interacting with patients. This innovation makes it possible to communicate intelligibly and confidentially despite security measures such as plexiglass, face masks and the noisy environment.

The emergency reception in Orleans is made up of three reception areas closed in a plexiglass "box". Safety measures oblige nursing staff and patients to wear a face mask. As a result, communication has become a real struggle, creating frustration and misunderstanding. The three reception areas are all set up in an open space: it was out of the question to install an ordinary intercom system because the broadcasted sound would then have generated multiple overlapping broadcasts and created confusing chaos. Our directional intercom system allowed these eight reception desks to offer: intelligibility, discretion while keeping the working environment calm. Our solution has (as an accessory) a magnetic induction loop allowing to safely accommodate hearing-impaired people.

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