Frequently asked questions

Sound bubble

We have arranged the emission points in circles for excellent distribution of the sound, even in noisy environments. This patented technology creates an effect which we call a sound bubble.
The sound attenuation level is -24dB at ± 30 °.

Sound quality

With a computing capacity of 2.4 billion operations per second, we have integrated patented digital signal processing modules to make the sound as clear and loud as possible with zero background noise.

Easy to install

As a compact 23.2cm and 1.2kg square, the A fits perfectly museum displays or audiovisual systems. Choose your audio source (either 3.5mm balanced or unbalanced jack, or optical cable) then play your connected audio. In case you are planning to use multiple speakers - link them up using the optical output instead of using plenty cables.

Multiple functions

Noisy space? Turn boost mode on. Quiet space? Activate the presence detector that stops audio broadcast when a person leaves the targeted area. For voice content, activate the voice mode to enhance speech intelligibility.