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a protective sound barrier for subway commuters

Lyon Transport Company
Roiret Transport

The Lyon Transport Company has launched a project to improve risk prevention on the most dangerous metro platforms. For these platforms each fall is fatal, and the risk is therefore at its maximum. Roiret Transport was assigned to carry out the study, formulate the solutions and integrate them. It is in this context that our directional speaker solution was selected to deliver an alert message only to the commuter who are standing too close to the edge of the platform when the train approach. When the commuter is in the risk zone, he is exposed to the sound shower that encourages him to back off. The challenge is also not to stress other commuters who are not in the area of risk and who are therefore not affected by the alert message.

How to warn the commuters at risk?

Our “A” directional speaker has created a sound shower of several meters of the designated area in order to warn commuters at risk and warn them to back off.

22 “A” directional speakers are installed 80 centimeters apart and mounted 2.20 meters from the ground to homogenize part of the platform. The target area is a strip 1 m wide and about 20 meters long to create a protective "sound shower". Our directional speakers are chained together and only trigger the alert message when a train approach.

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