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Blanc-Mesnil town hall

turning reception desks into hygienic confidential intercoms

Blanc-Mesnil town hall

In our new Hygienic Intercom System lies a solution to ensure people to apply public health measures such as social distancing. It naturally fits administrative offices where employees are likely to interact with people. On the other side of the desk, users expect quality service and good comprehension of their need. They expect that as much as they need discretion. If no means to deliver information in privacy, users and employees may have to get closer to communicate. Health measures against the Covid-19 virus are difficult to apply generally because of communication issues. More on this- https://www.akoustic-arts.com/models/interphone-confidentiel

How to improve communication when it’s altered by sanitary measures, while keeping a quiet place with desks next to each other?

We have developed a directional intercom system to offer better protection for exposed employees when interacting with users. This innovation makes it possible to communicate confidential information despite measures such as sneeze shields, face masks or distance.

Blanc-Mesnil town hall consists in eight counter desks with sanitary counter windows. Health measures compel employees and users to wear a face mask. As a consequence, communicating became a real struggle, as everyone had to lower his own face mask and get closer when speaking. This can be stressful to everybody. The eight counter desks are all set together in an open space: putting a regular intercom system was out of a question, for the broadcasted sound would have generated multiple overlapping noises and created a confusing chaos then. Our directional intercom system allowed these eight counter desks to grant: intelligibility, non-disclosure and a quiet place.

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