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Cultura is the third largest French retailer specialized in leisure and cultural products. Due to the growth of the e-book and audiobook market, Cultura decided to promote them in store. Unlike a physical book, e-books are digital and audiobook interaction is through sound. A two-fold problem which makes product interaction difficult in a store. It is not possible to broadcast audio content in stores, as it will disturb the staff and contribute to the increase of background noise. This is a serious problem in designing the in-store customer experience, and even more so when it comes to digital content.
Akoustic Arts x CULTURA 1
How to allow the customer to interact with the audio content without creating sound pollution in store?
Cultura used our “A” speaker to create a localized sound bubble and allow the customers to listen to their audio books unencumbered by headphones.
The directional speaker is installed above the wall unit and connected to an e-book containing audio books. The customer can choose the book which interests them on the e-book and start listening. Our speaker is attached with an articulated mount and positioned at a 45 ° angle, so that the sound points towards the aisle located in front of the wall unit. By focusing the sound in this way, customers walking down the aisle will enter this “sound shower”. The designated sound area has been marked with signage on the ground so that it will be noticeable to clients.
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