Hygienic Intercom System

Ensure the security of your communications with your customers, employees, patients and users.

Dessin d'une pharmacie sécurisée avec l'Hygiaphone

We developped the Hygienic Directional Intercom system in order to:

Our Hygienic Intercom System is a 2-way communication solution for counters with or without windows.

Postage services
Bank services

Control desks / rooms
(Public) Transport services

Shops and malls
(check out)

Ensure the emergency room welcome desk’s safety

The nursing staff is the most exposed to the infection. At the emergency room, confidentiality is crucial. When it is not guaranteed, the staff is forced to break social distancing to understand and be understood.

You can protect them by making sure the communication is confidential and ensure social distancing.

Ensure customer safety at the pharmacy counter

Pharmacies are considered highrisk places by inherently anxious customers. On the other side, pharmacists are exposed to sick patients.

Establish a reassuring atmosphere for customers and pharmacists by creating social distancing while maintaining confidentiality.

Dessin de l'Hygiaphone sécurisant une pharmacie

Ensure transaction safety at any checkout

Cashier staff are at the frontline, everyday. Window-proofing and mask-wearing make communication complicated and difficult to understand encouraging people to break safety measures (talking on the side of the window or manipulating the mask…) to understand and be understood.

Protect them by channeling communication.

Notre solution d’Hygiaphone directionnel

Bidirectional audio communication between two dinstinct areas apart from each other:
Distance réelle 3 m, distance perçue : 10 cm

Custumer side

1 directional speaker ensuring a localized broadcasting of the operator’s voice;
1 microphone capturing the client’s voice

Operator side

A wide array of audio broadcasting : headset, speakerphone (directional, integrated or not) depending on the needs;
Local acoustics control to ensure high intelligibility.

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