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How to acquire the speaker A?

Our product is marketed through our network of certified distributors. You should fill in the contact form to enable us to direct you to the distributor in your region and / or sector who can give you all the information you may need.

Is it possible to rent the speaker?

We do not rent out our speakers, but do not hesitate to contact us with your request so we can put you in contact with a partner that could rent them out for you.

How to install the speaker?

We have designed our product to be as simple as possible to install, as well as make the input and output options to be easily fulfill your needs. We also offer a range of setting accessories for: wall, false ceiling, tubular structure, one or more speakers.

We made the choice to authorize the distribution of our speakers to qualified companies for installation and maintenance. They will also assist you in your integration projects. Therefore you can ask for their assistance in case you do not wish to install the speaker yourself.

How does the speaker work?

Our speaker diffuse the sound in the form of a tunnel so the sound would not escape out of the tunnel range. Inside the tunnel we can hear the sound, but outside the tunnel the sound fades or even unheard, it is like we are in an imaginary bubble where we are the only one who can hear the sound. This is possible thanks to the fact that we have understand and mastered the characteristics of air in order to create an one point audible sound.

Who to contact in case of a problem?

Often problems come from a miscellaneous element of the speaker (a cable too long, a bad quality of current, a problem of audio player ...). In this case the problem does not indicate the faulty of the product and it will be necessary to contact your installation administrator (audiovisual integrator, electrician ...).

In case of a problem with the speaker itself please contact your appointed distributor. Then they will probably will ask you to make a quick diagnosis regarding the problem to allow them to help you.

What certifications do we have?

Our speakers have obtained a certification from CE.

What patents do we have?

Several elements of our technology are protected by patents: our software, our electronics and the shape of the speaker. This allows us to be the leader in the market against our competitors.

Who is it for?

The speaker is exclusively for professional use.

How do I join Akoustic Arts?

We are always looking for motivated talents from various fields willing to work in Paris : in acoustics, hardware or software engineering, business developing, product design… To apply to our offers or submit a spontaneous application, please visit our Welcome to the Jungle page at

Which are the use-cases?

The A speaker can be used for many applications: in order to improve the user experience of a place and creating an immersive sound environment to match with the display. Multiply audio contents in a same room without sound pollution. Improving the user experience of a object, catching the user’s attention by making a unique display, Broadcast an advertising content without sound pollution, Offer an alternative to headphones, improve access to information for disabled people and Broadcast a confidential audio content with discretion.

What’s a sound bubble?

A sound bubble is the sound zone creating by the speaker A when broadcasting audio content. In this very zone, the user feels like shrouded in a sound coat that he is the only one to perceive, hence the term bubble. It grants an unprecedented user experience that can be repeated multiple times in the same space without the sound zones overlapping.

Who are our customers?

As its applications are numerous, the A speaker has seduced actors from various fields such as transportation, sales outlets, automobiles, cultural spaces and museums.

What are the technical specifications of the A speaker?

If interested in technical specifications or any other information about the A speaker, we invite you to send a request via the contact form.

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