Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase the « A » speaker?
You can purchase one or several speakers by requesting a cost estimate. As soon as the estimate is signed and the settlement made, the speaker will ship. You can not get units at Akoustic Arts’ office.
Is it possible to rent the « A » speaker?
Unfortunately renting a speaker is not possible.
Is it mandatory to get accessories?
Accessories are optional and only aim to optimize your setup.
Where to install the speaker?
Place it either against a wall or a flat surface (ground, table etc) and make sure the beam will reach the user’s ears.
Is it possible to control the beam length?
You can’t directly control the beam length, but you can set the surroundings to create the distance you want.
What’s in my package?
In your package you’ll find the « A » speaker, a power supply and a stereo mini-jack cable.
Which plugs has the « A »?
The speaker is supplied by a 220V power. Plug it to any kind of audio source (mp3, laptop, smartphone, sound card…) by a jack plug (3.5mm). The SD player and Bluetooth feature are optional.
Is it possible to connect several speakers up?
You can connect several speakers together to widen up the beam thanks to the second jack plug.
Is there a wireless version of the « A »?
This feature is planned, but it is not available yet. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated.
What’s the difference between the 2017 « A » version & 2018 « A » version?
The « A » 2018 features a better sound quality, a better restitution of the bass frequencies, and consequently, a more intelligible audio content, a more comfortable sound quality and options such as Bluetooth, SD player, or presence detection.
How long is the sound beam?
The « A » speaker can emit a sound beam until 10 m depending on the volume, the sound environment and audio content.
Are there other colors?
For now there is only the white model, yet other colors are to come.
Are ultrasound dangerous?
Ultrasound aren’t dangerous for health. The only danger resides in listening to excessively loud music during a long time, as for every kind of speaker or headphones. We then recommend users to limit exposure to high sound volumes.