Directional sound and the “A” functioning

Unlike regular speakers’ sound, directional sound allows the user to target a very specific area, without bothering people around.


As a result of four years of research and development, Akoustic Arts came out with its ultradirectional sound technology. This technology relies on the UDST, the dedicated software that turns a typical audio content into a directional sound content.


The speaker projects the audio content in the air and creates a tunnel that contains the sound. Only the targeted user can hear the content.

Sound bubbles

Our technology creates private zones, « private sound bubbles ». It feels like wearing headphones that let you interact with people around.

How it works

The speaker receives the sound signal via Bluetooth, Jack or Optical cable

then converts the audio content in directional sound…

and broadcasts it within a narrow beam. Step out… Nothing to hear!


Remain in your own « sound bubble » without isolating from your environment

Demonstration of the « A » speaker